Welcome to the "Official Bellicose Page" !!!

Yes, we can finally say this is really happening. After a twenty plus year hiatus, the Bellicose boys are back! With the sudden resurgence of blistering guitars and that power chord metal sound returning to the radio waves, the band felt that this was as good a time as any to share their story and their music with the world..... and beyond ! 

Bellicose 2015 Lineup:
Bellicose film 1 bw small

Unfinished Business
Texas metal icon Bellicose blow away fans who have waited 20 plus years just to get a glimpse of the reawakened giant of Dallas’ 80’s metal scene at Gas Monkey Live during the 2015 Basement Reunion 7 show. 

The Bellicose Story........ 

Formed in the summer of 1983, Bellicose was to become one of the most influential and hardest working bands to come out of Dallas, TX. It all began on the stages of some of the areas most notable rock venues. A dream that three young men were soon to realize a reality.
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